How to Set Goals the Right Way

Hope you enjoyed your summer 🙂 As we are in the last stretch of 2018, I would like for you to take inventory on how far you are with the goals you set yourself to accomplish this year. According to the statistics, only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are achieved. Wow, that leaves us with Read More

Secret Pour Une Meilleure Vie

  Aujourd’hui, où en êtes-vous dans le domaine de votre communication avec les autres? Votre situation financière? Votre relation avec le Seigneur? Votre santé mentale et physique? Où en êtes-vous avec votre carrière ou entreprise? Êtes-vous satisfait, rempli de paix et de joie? Ce secret pour une meilleure vie m’a permis de retrouver la paix, Read More

Secret for a Better Life

Today, where do you find yourself in the area of your communication with others? How about your financial situation? Your relationship with the Lord? Your mental and physical health? How about your career or business endeavor? Are you satisfied, filled with peace and joy? This secret for a better life allowed me to regain peace, Read More

Tu Dis Quoi? – La Puissance des Paroles

Les paroles sont puissantes. Comment puis-je le dire assez fort: LES PAROLES SONT PUISSANTES ! Cela signifie que les paroles contiennent de l’influence. Elles ont le pouvoir de guérir ou le pouvoir de tuer. Elles ont le pouvoir de créer ou le pouvoir de détruire. Elles ont le pouvoir de construire ou le pouvoir de Read More

Prisoner of Hope

Are you frustrated, depressed or even in despair because you are facing a situation out of your control? You are not alone. Disappointment and hopelessness can hit anyone, at any time. Unfortunately we live in a dark and unstable world. For the past few months, the word hope is tugging at my heart. Hope is Read More

Say What? Facts About Words

Words are powerful. How can I say it stronger: WORDS ARE POWERFUL! That means words contain power. They have the power to heal or the power to kill. They have the power to create or the power to destroy. They have the power to build up or the power to tear down. They have the Read More