2022 Your Transformation Year!

Happy New Year 2022! It’s time to celebrate a brand-new year, a year full of new possibilities and renewed strength. I know the past two years have been a real roller coaster and full of emotions for many. However, you cannot lose hope and your trust in the Lord. I personally believe that the best Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: MOUNTAIN TOP

My husband and I just got back from our last show of the year, “Dixie Gas & Oil” in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. Being there brought back a memory from our 2018 trip to Switzerland with my son David and my friend Melina. We had a special experience during a day trip to the Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: PERSPECTIVE

How something appears is always a matter of perspective. Perspective is a point of view. It’s the lens we see the world through and determines how we view ourselves, others, and everything else around us. Have you ever wondered how two people can look at the same thing and have two different outlooks? It always Read More


Setting boundaries teaches people how to treat you. They protect your individual unique feelings, ideas, perspectives, and wishes. It also means the ability to recognize your own uniqueness, respecting your own feelings, values, and communicating these differences to others. Learning to honestly say NO or YES is liberating. Let’s remember that “NO or YES” are Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: GO HIGHER!

  Good Morning, For Today’s Gold Nugget, I came across this image and powerful story about negativity and wanted to share it with you.  “The Story of the Eagle and the Crow”  The only bird that will dare peck at an eagle is the crow. The crow sits on the eagles back and bites his Read More

Happy New Year!

  Happy New Year 2021, my friend!   As we start the first day of a brand-new year, I encourage you to set your eyes on Jesus, and trust in the One who truly loves you and cares for you. He has a good plan for you. A plan of health, peace, prosperity and hope Read More


  Have you ever wondered why someone’s actions, comments or behavior may cause strong feelings to rise within you? Feelings such as anger, stress, anxiety, shame or pain?  That my friend is called emotional triggers. It might not be a big deal to someone else, but to you it sets you off, steals your peace Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: FEELINGS

Today’s Gold Nugget: FEELINGS I love this quote because it makes me realize that with every interaction we have, we leave an emotional imprint. How we interact with others, like our reactions and behaviors speak volume of who we really are.  So today, ask yourself what kind of feelings do you want to leave with Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: PREPARE or REPAIR

  What you do today will determine your future. And if you continue to do the same things over and over and expect different results, that my friend, is called insanity! What is it that you must change, cut off or start doing, so that in your future you will not have to repair or Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: WEEDING TIME

Lately, I (Melina Fabian) spent a lot of time weeding my own backyard, as well as others. The Lord reminded me about the parable of the sower, especially when the Word was sown among thorns. I stopped and meditated about this specific seed, sown among thorns. Jesus is talking about this parable of the sower Read More