Have you ever sat down and thought about where your life is headed and decided what you really want? I love this dialogue between Alice and the Cheshire cat (Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll):

Alice: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
The Cat: That depends a good deal on where you want to get to
Alice: I don’t much care where
The Cat: Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go

Discovering what you really want and establishing goals provide focus and give your life meaning. They define the direction of your life based on what is important to you, your beliefs, and your core values. However, there is a large gap between what you think you want, and the things you actually do on a daily basis to get you where you want to go. 

The ultimate Life Coaching and Goal Setting Program will provide you the tools, insight, and resources to get clear on what you really want and create a road map to achieve the success you know you deserve.

Life Coaching Program  (8 Sessions)


  • Assess and evaluate your current reality
  • Create a compelling vision statement 
  • Design the life you want and create an action plan  
  • Thrive in times of transition
  • Create healthy habits 
  • Overcome roadblocks

Coaching Investment: 

  • Life Coaching Program (8 sessions) $800.00
  • When you elect to prepay for the entire Life Coaching Program you’ll receive a 20% discount ($640.00)
  • Individual or Group Coaching (families and teams) $100.00 per session/per person 

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All coaching conversations are strictly confidential. All information given during individual or group coaching sessions will be held in confidence and will not be discussed.

Coaching Refund Policy

Your personal satisfaction is very important to me. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the coaching program, a refund will be provided on the following conditions:

  • A 100% discount will be issued if you wish to cancel before the start of the first session,
  • A 75% refund will be issued if you wish to cancel the coaching program after the first coaching session, minus any applicable online merchant payment processing fees
  • No refund will be issued after the second coaching session

Coaching versus Counseling and Therapy

Psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching all focus on the individual. While therapy focuses on uncovering and recovering from the past (remedial change), coaching focuses on discovering your innate positive potential, based on your own talents, gifts, values, beliefs, and strengths while creating a compelling future (generative change).

The coaching process is outcome-oriented, whereas therapy and counseling are oriented toward resolving problems and past conflicts.

Coaching helps you focus on new possibilities rather than problems. It gives you the tools, strategies, and processes to accomplish your goals.

What is Life Coaching – Who is it for – How does it work? 

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“Coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to be” 


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The greatest benefit for me was to have an overview of the different areas of my life and evaluated the level of satisfaction I have for each of them. It allowed me to realize where I need to invest my energy. After a coaching session, I'm reconnected with what fascinates me and thrills me. My objectives are clarified and quantified, it allows me to organize my work in a realistic way and adapted to the time that I have available. I have made progress in my ability to organize my priorities, which saves me the time I can invest where I need it most. I was able to put in place healthy habits and learned to value certain areas that I tend to leave out - Guillaume Beguelin (Switzerland)

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Thank you for all your information (tools) that allow me to position myself and orient myself in the right direction.

Coaching with you helped me to STOP (since there was an appointment with you) that I did not do before. Your questions at each interview became mine and that's what led me to go inside myself and put words on what I really wanted for my life. After each session I felt grown and encouraged to continue in the progression I was experiencing because I saw the results begin to take place which brought me a lot of happiness and confidence. I realize that when changes begin to take place, there are many obstacles that come up and slow the progress. But I understood that it is only a brake and that it needs to get loosened to go even further - Alfina Veillard (Switzerland)

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Coaching with Corinne has been an exciting experience! Through her questioning, I started to think about things that I would not have thought otherwise. It helped me to bring out desires and goals that I had deep inside.

I started to make progress when I wrote things down I wanted to see accomplished. As we came together to discuss things pertaining to my life, it helped me to be more accountable and more focused.

As I am making progress, it gives me a sense of accomplishment, of joy and fulfillment.
Working with Corinne's coaching is exciting and fulfilling. I am so grateful and thankful for it!

She is the best 🙂 - Melina Fabian (USA)

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Coaching with Corinne allowed me to set clear and precise goals and it allowed me to understand some very important and useful things for me.

After each session, I feel more confident, motivated and think much more positively. I leave my worries aside and think about solutions.

I have not made progress in the short term, but I know that progress will come in the near future. I realized a lot of things and our discussions confirmed some of my thoughts that I was not sure of, which allowed me to face some situations with more hindsight and tranquility - Michael Veillard (Switzerland)

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I enjoyed coaching with Corinne. She has great listening skills and ask good questions. You can hear her heart when she coaches you. I felt listened to and valued. She allowed me space to explore when I needed to and did not dominate the conversation. She was encouraging and careful in her approach as to let me come up with my own solutions instead of telling me what to do!
I am working on a few of my business goals as well as relationship goals. A few of my self-improvement goals were established and I will wait to begin those in 2018.
It was insightful and a pleasure and I appreciate the quality of her time with me!
-Kathie Schweickert (USA)