Vos Objectifs de Manière SMART

Bonne Année !! Selon les statistiques, seulement 8% des résolutions du Nouvel An sont accomplies. Wow, cela nous laisse avec une majorité de 92% qui ne le sont pas ! Si vous vous trouvez dans la majorité de ceux qui n’ont pas atteint leurs objectifs, ne vous sentez pas mal. Il est encore temps pour Read More

Your Goals the SMART Way

Happy New Year!  According to the statistics, only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are achieved. Wow, that leaves us with a majority of 92% who do not!  If you find yourself in the majority who did not fulfill their set goals, please do not feel bad about it. There is a way to make to Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: FOCUS

In car racing they teach you that if your car is hit and headed for the wall, do not focus on the wall, but instead keep your eyes in the direction you want to go, like the track. The car will magically go in the direction you are focused on. This good advice is a Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: THINK

  The way we think can limit us, keeping us stuck and frustrated. However, changing our thought patterns will get us out of that funky spot. “For as he thinks within himself, so he is” -Proverb 23:7a Thinking and meditating is a lost virtue and such a vital part for our well-being. As Christians, we Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: DRAMA

  It is imperative to pursue PEACE in our relationships. I understand we are all different. However when we encounter disputes or differences it is a mature thing to stay humble and have empathy for the other person, whoever they are: spouse, kids, family members, co-workers, neighbors, etc. Empathy is when you look at someone Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: VISION

Everything starts with a vision. God is a visionary. He asked Samuel, Jeremiah, Amos and Zechariah: “What do you see?” Whatever He was showing them was not in the natural. It was only seen with the eye of faith. How about you, what do you see for your life? One thing I know for sure Read More

CHANGEMENT: que se passe-t-il au niveau cellulaire?

Avez-vous déjà expérimenté la difficulté de créer un changement dans votre vie? Combien de fois ai-je été enthousiaste à l’idée de changer une mauvaise habitude? J’ai créé un plan, je l’ai mis sur mon calendrier sachant qu’aujourd’hui c’est le jour où je tourne une nouvelle page. Puis tout à coup, BOOM! J’arrive à un point Read More

CHANGE: What Happens On A Cellular Level?

Have you ever struggled to create change in your life? How many times did I get excited and enthusiastic about changing a bad habit? I started making new plans, wrote it on my calendar knowing that today is the day I am turning a new leaf. Then suddenly, BAM! I hit a point of resistance Read More

7 Benefits of Keeping a Journal

My experience with keeping a Journal has been useful for many different reasons. Also, there are so many studies showing that consistent expressive writing can play a major role to promote good mental health. A Journal is an intimate place where you can express yourself in an honest way about everything that’s going on in Read More