Today’s Gold Nugget: RESILIENCE

This is the most wonderful time of the year, they said! However, it can also be a struggle time for some of us, for different reasons. So, today I want to encourage you to continue to use or develop this skill to keep your peace and joy. You are loved and I desire nothing more Read More

2020 Your Year for Sharper Focus

Wow, the 2010’s are coming to a close and we’re about to enter a brand new decade! I don’t know about you, but a lot has happened over the past 10 years. Great and memorable things as well as hard things. So what do you want your next ten years to look like?    “People Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: ANGER

In reality there are some people who always seems to be angry, continuously looking for conflict. So how do I deal when confronted to an outburst of anger? 👉  The very best thing is to do is walk away! 👉  Do not enter their storm if you cannot walk away. Stay on the outside of Read More

Today’s Gold Nugget: CHALLENGE

Are you tired of a recurring situation and are screaming for change? then I encourage you to pause and evaluate. Complaining about it or ignoring it will not help you, whatsoever. I encourage you to take some time aside to meditate and think about the challenge you are facing and how it makes you feel. Read More

Gimme, Gimme!! I Need, I Need!!

One of my all-time favorite movies, “What about Bob?”, with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss 🙂 It is the story of Leo Marvin, a psychiatrist (Richard Dreyfus) and his patient Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) who has multiple dysfunctions. One of it, is personality dependency. I love this part where he says, “Gimme, Gimme! I Need, Read More

Clefs Pour Surmonter Les Faiblesses Emotionnelles

Combien de fois réagissons-nous négativement à des circonstances récurrentes ? Nous tombons toujours dans le même piège ! Nous réagissons aux paroles désagréables prononcées par un être cher, ou au souvenir d’occurrences déplaisantes. Cela peut nous laisser plein de colère, de vengeance, d’amertume, déprimés et même nous vautrer dans la pitié de soi. Demandez-moi comment Read More

Keys to Overcome Emotional Weaknesses

How many times do we react negatively to a recurring situation? We do this over and over! We react to distasteful words spoken by a loved one, or to the memory of unpleasant circumstances that occurred a while ago. It can leave us full of anger, revenge, bitterness, shame, this feeling of being down in Read More

DISC : Profils de Personnalité, Connais Ton Style !

« Parfois, je fais semblant d’être normal, mais ça devient  Monotone. Alors, je redeviens moi-même »   Découvrir son Style de Personnalité est très important. La raison en soit, nous avons tous des forces et des faiblesses. Le fait de connaitre notre style de communication et comportement dans notre job, carrière ou entreprise, nous aidera Read More

DISC Profiles, Know Your Style!

“Sometimes I pretend to be normal, But it gets boring. So, I get back to be me”   Knowing your personality style and your strengths and weaknesses is very important. The reason is, it will help you understand how you communicate and operate in your everyday job, career or business.It promotes awareness, compassion and patience Read More

What Have You Done?

Wow, can you believe we already finished the first quarter of the year!?! So, the question begs, what have you done with the goals you set for yourself in the beginning of the year? How far have you come to accomplishing them? This week let’s review your progress or lack of it. I understand sometimes Read More