I am thrilled to present to you this Training Workshop:  

Leading with Emotional Intelligence – Unlock Your Potential

“One of the top 10 skills to have by 2022”

EQ helps you succeed in life, career/business, school, teamwork, or wherever you interact with people. You will learn why developing EQ is important and game changing.

You will learn the tools to become smarter with your feelings through recognizing, understanding and channel your own emotions and the emotions of others. We explain how learnable and practical EQ really is.

A must have skill for success! 

This Workshop stands out for its hands-on activities. Be prepared to be engaged the whole time. We use current studies and tested tools.

In this Workshop You Will Learn:
– What is EQ and How Does it Apply?
– Different Elements of EQ
– Assessment to Evaluate Your Own EQ
– Tools for Self-Management

– Active Plan to Start Your EQ Journey

What to Expect from this Workshop:
– A-Grade Learning Environment
– All Materials Included

– Certificate of Completion

When you leave, you will have the confidence and desire to lead more effectively, deeper your relationships with your co-workers, peers, clients, members of your family, friends, etc.

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